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Van der Veer neurology clinics

Professor Anderson runs three clinics per week dedicated to persons with Parkinson's disease and other movement disorders. One of these is devoted to trials of new pharmaceuticals for these conditions. The clinic suite is located on the ground floor of the Van der Veer Institute. Ample free parking for patients is available on site. Prof Anderson also undertakes a Botulinum Toxin clinic every two weeks for the treatment of neurological movement disorders.

Referral to the clinics is by general practitioner or medical specialist to the Neurology Department, Christchurch Hospital (PO Box 4710 Christchurch, or Fax (03) 3641226)

A full time Parkinson's and Movement Disorders clinical and research nurse, Helen Skene, is based in the clinic suite and provides an important link with patients, their families and general practitioners.

A unique initiative, sponsored by the CMRF (Canterbury Medical Research Foundation) involving a partnership between the specialised clinics and the Parkinson's Disease Society resource nurse (Janet Wills) has been established. Persons with Parkinson's disease, who are society members and are attending the clinic, are visited at home by Janet before and after their clinic appointment. This partnership, involving the sharing of information should facilitate a more thorough and complete evaluation of patients' needs and medication requirements.

In the medium term Professor Anderson, in concert with the Clinic Nurse, plan to be able to provide a day stay observation clinic for patients with difficult or troublesome motor fluctuations. Such persons will have the status of their Parkinson's monitored closely over several hours to gauge just what is happening after taking medication. It is hoped that this will improve control and may even obviate hospital admission. The clinics are also attended by registrars in training as well as medical students.



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