Sophie Grenfell

BSc, MSc (1st class Hons)

Assistant Research Fellow

New Zealand Brain Research Institute, Christchurch

Phone: +64 3) 378 6257

I am working on a master’s thesis that aims to assess the efficacy of a cognitive enrichment programme that targets autobiographical memory in individuals with mild cognitive impairment which is often a precursor to dementia. We will measure changes in the default mode network of the brain and in linguistic features across time using fMRI. We hope to show a program of cognitive enrichment can ameliorate the effects of mild cognitive impairment and slow the progression to dementia.


Provided on request for non-commercial personal use by researchers.


Melzer, T. R., Stark, M. R., Keenan, R. J., Myall, D. J., MacAskill, M. R., Pitcher, T. L., Livingston, L., Grenfell, S., Horne, K., Young, B., Pascoe, M., Almuqbel, M. A., Wang, J., Marsh, S., Miller, D. H., Dalrymple-Alford, J. C., Anderson, T. J. (2019). Beta amyloid deposition is not associated with cognitive impairment in Parkinson’s disease. Frontiers in Neurology, 10, 391. 10.3389/fneur.2019.00391

Abstracts and Short papers


Horne, K, Myall, DJ, Livingston, L, Grenfell, SF, Melzer, TR, Pitcher, TL, MacAskill, MR, Anderson, TJ, Dalrymple-Alford, JC (2016). Risk of dementia in Parkinson’s disease: Towards optimal short cognitive testing.  Proceedings of the 34th International Winter Conference on Brain Research, 1.


Grenfell, S., Melzer, T. R., Young, B., Wang, A, Livingston, L., Keenan, R. J., MacAskill, M. R., Anderson, T. J. , Dalrymple-Alford, J.C. (2013). Reduced default mode network connectivity and autobiographical memory in mild cognitive impairment.  Proceedings of the 31st Australasian Winter Conference on Brain Research 2013, Queenstown, Volume 31, Abstract 27.