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3T GE MRI control room at Hagley Radiology
Virtual reality helmet-mounted display
Prof Tim Anderson clinic
SMI iView X Hi Speed eye tracker
EEG measurement of drowsiness
Spirometry testing in the swallowing lab

Cas van der Veer was a Canterbury businessman who didn't let Parkinson's disease get in the way of leading a full life. He wanted others to benefit from his success by providing a place where the best possible care and treatment for Parkinson's would be available, informed by the latest research.

With a generous bequest, he entrusted his vision to the Canterbury Medical Research Foundation. Working together with local researchers, in 2004 the Van der Veer Institute for Parkinson's & Brain Research was founded. In November 2011, due to its growth and diversification, the organisation became the New Zealand Brain Research Institute.

At the Institute, patients have access to the best specialist diagnosis and management and the latest international treatments. In the same building, experienced researchers and talented young students use sophisticated technologies to push back the boundaries of knowledge in brain disorders.

DTI Scan of Daniel Myall's Brain

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